Booster workout, what is it about? All facts & pictures

What exactly is a Bodyweight workout?

Bodyweight exercises are any exercises which require the body to move by the use of a very light weight, such as a ball, plate, or dumbbell. A weight can be used for exercise to be effective, but should not be too heavy. If you have trouble finding what you need, it is probably because you want something that can be used without having to do a lot of exercise. For example, if you are interested in weightlifting, you want to get in the gym and lift weights to build muscle, but you want to avoid doing any exercise that would involve lots of muscle tissue. When you start using bodyweight exercises, you will notice that your workout will be much easier.

What kind of exercises are bodyweight?

There are many different types of exercises. The most commonly used exercises are those which have the use of an object, such as a barbell, dumbbell, dumbbells, weights, weights in a machine, or weighted ropes. Some of the other exercises which you will often find used include bodyweight presses and pull ups, dips, pull downs, chin-ups, and crunches. The exercises will vary depending on the size and weight of the body you are trying to work.

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