Protein bars, what is it about? All facts & pictures

The goal is to provide a comprehensive and honest review of protein bars available in the market today, so you can decide if you want a protein bar or not.

Before you decide on a protein bar, you need to know how much of it you need. I will list my minimum and recommended daily servings of protein for women and men (with a minimum of 2 oz ). There are many different kinds of protein. If you are eating protein bars on a regular basis, you should try a combination of 3 or more types of protein. The different types of protein are: Whey protein: A protein from milk. It can be found in yogurt or cheese. The fat and the protein are the same as milk. Whey contains no lactose. Whey protein is more likely to give you a nice, creamy texture, which is great for eating out and for snacks. Casein: A protein that comes from milk. Casein has a lot of calories and is high in sodium and fat. It is also highly watery. It is great for making smoothies or as a thickener in cakes, pies, and other dishes. I am not a scientist. I just want to share my opinions.

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