Warts, what is it about? All facts & pictures

I'm writing about all of them so that you, your doctor, and your patients can make an informed decision. I am also writing this because, in spite of all the good things about them, they have to be taken very seriously because of their side effects.

Warts are small, sensitive bumps in the skin. When warts appear on your skin, they usually appear very late in the life of the person with the warts. Sometimes, warts may appear years or decades after a person first had warts. You will often know when warts are coming in because they may appear in the center of a person's forehead or in a person's mouth. These bumps may be painful, and they are usually located on the back of the head, near the nose, on the chin, or under the chin. Most people with warts don't have warts that look like this. If you have warts, they can cause a wide variety of other problems. Some people with warts are afraid to get treatment because they are afraid that their warts will disappear if they go to the doctor. Others have warts that don't seem to change. It is often difficult to tell whether the warts on your head are getting worse or are only getting smaller.

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